Hummus Update

First and foremost: Trader Jo’s Mediterranean Hummus is amazing. Better than homemade. Even my homemade. That’s my secret breakfast ingredient, hummus. With sesame seed covered gluten free pretzels. Which means I’m now outed just because it tasted so good. I guess that’s okay – just stay away from my stash.

Next: I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about work, but sometimes, that’s what’s on my mind.

I’ve had some crazy ideas pop up for OFF BALANCE. This is kind of bad in that I was ready to pass it off to the editor. OB has been edited about a million times now, and is in need of the real stuff. The plan is to have her edited, re-edited and hyper edited and then put that one up on Smashwords. Still the same plan, but there have been IDEAS and THINGS I need to do before this plan can spin into place. Part of it is a title change – to be announced. And the plot is a little thicker. This is very happy making to me.

A note: Yup, OB was rejected yet again. It’s okay, I’m pleased to do the work myself and have the profits go to Pediatric Intensive Care Center for a period of time. PICC is the Pediatric Hospital this bad girl got its story theme from.

When OB is done, it opens up my plate to Going In. I also had an epiphany about that story, and I’m very happy about the chance to finally give this one a final re-write, then edit and pitch it. What a relief.

Timing is everything, so of course my work is beginning to come in on the ghostwriting gig. I’m less excited to get this going again than Going In, but, meh, it’s work.

Now, if you don’t try the hummus you’ll kick yourself. You know you will.


PS. I get the OB joke – tampons, I get it. Get your giggles out already.


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