The Grumpy Goddess

I’m having one of those weeks where nothing is going wrong. Yup, you read that right. All the stars are aligned; everything that is supposed to happen has fallen right in place. I’m even having unexpected moments of pure unadulterated joy. So why am I grumpy then?

Good gravy there’s a multitude of reasons. None of which I feel like talking about. So once again I’m mainlining the vitamin D, B12 and fish oil. I’m making sure to not miss an exercise day.

Oh wait, here’s one thing that made me want to pop someone. I was at the gym and this guy – a trainer – is complaining to another guy that he can’t seem to gain weight. He wants to gain weight by summer. He only weighs 190 (said in a whiny voice.) Poor baby. I wanted to yell at him “Here, I’ve got some weight for you buddy.” I could have delivered it with that punch I was physically restraining myself from delivering to his sincere face.

The taxes can go ef themselves too. And the oil change my car is telling me it wants. Also? The dishwasher breaking down didn’t help anything. But wait, there’s more… that I’m not going to talk about because I’m not willing to depress myself any more. Who am I kidding, I mean piss myself off.

Anyhow, I’m going to shake it off so I can briefly give you an update. I got to meet the band members from Walk Off The Earth after their concert (I almost passed out when Marshall said hello to me in his low seductive voice – think Joey from Friends. Oh Gawd I think I was a blabbering idiot. Bonking head. Dumb dumb dumb.)


Anyways! There’s steak and chard for dinner – rumbly tummy waiting for it. I’m getting a new dishwasher tonight. AND I’m going ghost hunting for real this Saturday night. That will be amazing.

So there are good things on the horizon, to top off my already phenomenal week. I just need to keep focusing on that.

‘Cause a grumpy Goddess? Not a good thing I tell you.


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