Teeny Tiny Update

Well – some things are changing here in my writing world. I guess it’s better to tell you that than to leave you hanging, right?

I basically gave up the ghosts that were Off Balance and Going In. Both were valiant efforts, both good stories, characters yadda yadda yadda. But they weren’t “it.” Maybe some day I’ll run out of material and I’ll go back and edit the crap out of them and turn them into something. But until then, It’s time to move on. I’m still working on the ghost writing piece, and I have some other projects in the fire. But that about sums it up.

As for ghost hunting, my first effort didn’t come to fruition due to snow up in them there hills. And up North. Very sad making. But, I’ll get to go in a few weeks, so that will work out.

Soon my sweet man will be on a three-week business trip and I will probably either be totally depressed and you won’t hear from me at all, or I’ll be so bored I’ll write here every day :-). I’m curious which would bother you more.

Let’s see, other than that, I’m battling my Bunny Wabbit’s disgust with school and then book-keeping and taxes in general.

Pretty exciting, huh?


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