Caramel Covered Ghost Hunt

My brain is like caramel right now. Thick, rapidly cooling, salted caramel. Which incidentally is what I used to keep me awake on my drive home from the ghost hunt I went on last night. I had a salted caramel lollipop that was fantabulous. This, along with dancing like a crazy bird, kept my eyelids propped open long enough to get me home alive and safe at roughly 5:30 a.m. this morning.

I want to point out that my kid decided this means her papa and I are party-animals, being other parents come home earlier that we do. Shrug. She might be right.

We were up in Stanwood at a quaint tavern and hotel. For those unfamiliar, Stanwood is about a two-hour drive from where I live. Alright, alright, I’m totally exaggerating. It’s only one-hour. But it was the longest one-hour drive of my freaking life, what with horrible rain on the way there, and being oh so tired on the way back. But it was all worth it.

Back to the ghost hunt. We got there early for a little Stanwood tour. The first thing I saw was a cool bar that used to be a fire station:


We had hoped to visit an antique shop that is reported to be haunted, but, that didn’t pan out. Instead, we hung out and had a nice time waiting for the beautiful (and tall!!) tavern crowd to depart and leave us with our ghosts. Finally, amid many a slurred shout and drunken song that wafted up to us from outside the hotel, we attempted our first go-through.

After awhile the happy people went where ever it is that you go on a Saturday night when you’re too tipsy to drive, and we were left to our research. We were very careful to make sure all of our investigation was done in small groups, as to not overwhelm the area under inspection. There were some special experiments that I’m curious to see the results of.

All in all we had a great time, a successful investigation, and a safe drive home by all. It will be great to hear the outcome of everyone’s EVP’s, videos and photos.

Funny how this works; writing this blog cleared my brain quite a bit. I’d say it’s more like salted caramel sauce now ;-). Mmm. That sounds good doesn’t it?


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