And Then There Was Sun

Look at that! There’s sun outside! Don’t let the folks fool you. The Seattle area really does get sun… sometimes.

I’m doing really well with all of the sunny sunshine and the fluffy clouds in the sky. Not to mention that the vast majority of my stress is in the background right now. I can get up in the morning, even bounce out of bed, like I did when I was a kid. Woo hoo!

I use the word kid loosely, just so you know. I think my childhood didn’t end until I was like, oh, 39? I’m pretty sure I’ve entered my teen years. Not sure how long THAT will last. Hopefully ‘til I’m 80. I’m too young to grow up ;-).

Back on topic! Sorry.

The bouncing out of bed thing stopped somewhere around kid two. Psh. It happens. Yes there are boring dumb medical reasons for this decidedly stupid change. Also the silly medical reason I’m all perky-ish is drab and uninteresting as well. And I’m over talking about that kind of thing so I’m moving on :-). What? I never told you? Sorry. It really is too dull for words.

The part I do feel like talking about: the external influences to my down-ness. It’s not clear what I was thinking when I agreed to join groups and communities and convention committees when I was mourning the loss of my mamma. Perhaps I thought busy is better? Idle hands are the work of the devil, right? Not so. I find myself misbehaving far more when I’m busy. He he.

Anyhow! I don’t have answers for how I’m going to learn to say no. I want to do it all! But the side effects of doing all-of-the-stuff are many: Basically, I’ve turned into a toddler again. I have a short attention span, a short temper, I’m the grumpiest of grumps, my communication skills tanked, I’ve acquired the put-your-foot-in-your-mouth syndrome, AND my children are running amok. So THAT’s what stress looks like! Huh.

So fix it I must.

When, you ask? I’m trying to schedule it in, really I am! Get off my back! Ha.

My writing was put on the backest of burners for a month and a half. Partially because I’m wicked-bad at being a single parent and The Husband was gone or working too much for a month. Partially because of Norwescon (which was hella fun – why didn’t I see you there?) and then there are taxes. Taxes, in short are the bane of my existence. Time to find a new tax person, as I blame our guy on my issues this year. Sadness.

I’m back to writing and it’s going very well. And I’m being goaded to get off of my high horse and publish a damn novel already, so that is certainly driving me forward. Then there are opportunities cropping up left and right that because of my lack of time to work on my manuscript(s) I have not been able to take advantage of. Time to fix that.

On a side note: I love love love my beta readers. Editing is not an easy skill and I’m proud to know my peeps. Also I learned that my own editing skills have improved ten-fold and think it’s making my writing easier to work with. At least from what I can tell. Yay for new skills!

Incase its crossed your mind: Go ahead and tell me if you want to be a beta reader. My stuff: novel length women’s fiction with tons of sex: WARNING! lol. Sometimes I have a horror or thriller short story. Those require a certain kind of reader too. What I’m finding is that you can’t have enough readers. So chime in!

Okay! I think that’s all for now. Thanking my lucky stars for the sun out there. Hoping you too, wherever you are, have at least 81 degree weather this week, like us.


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