I’m the kind of girl who needs A and B to connect. Then, when we have that handled, B to C, C to D and beyond. You know, all the way to Z.

So when things don’t connect? I go a little nutty. Angst, discombobulation, the whole 9 yards.

Things are not connecting right now. Remember tinker toys and that satisfying pop when you pulled them apart and put them together? I’m missing that right now. Yes, it’s my own damn fault. But, where’s the pop?

Oh yeah, I know. It’s you. When my friends insist on getting together, no matter my resolve to say “No.” Then?

Then… “Pop!”

Even though my happenstance is really self afflicted, even though I am full of self-recrimination and all that jazz. Even though. I want to see my friends and hang out with them. They lift me out of my doldrums and give me a break from reality. There is nothing like leaving your life behind for an hour, two, five.

This is what you are for me. Pure, unadulterated “Pop.”

Thanks for that :-).



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