Unpacking My Bags

Hey there! Coming to you from Mont Parnasse, in Paris France. It’s almost bedtime here. Only we are getting SO much sleep this should be a challenge. We hit the flat at 6 pm after a day exploring. We sleep or simply read for hours. Then we are ready to go again at 9:30 pm. When we go to sleep again at 12 midnight you’d think we’d be wide awake, but for the most part no.

This is where I admit the stress case I had become before we left. I went in to get some cover up days before we took flight and was shocked to see the bags under my eyes I didn’t even know existed. I mean, I was shopping for blemish cover up. But, the bags under my eyes were really bad.
So here we are, across the globe, unpacking the bags beneath my eyes. A little bit of fun, a whole lot of exercise, (and wine!) and Voila! Let the healing begin. Because, after all:
This too shall pass.




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