Second stop: Bordeaux. Here is an alley way not far from or flat.
We stayed in the outskirts of downtown Bordeaux. It’s a quiet little town with nice people. Our flat was in a restored building probably from the 1800’s.


We visited a church near the shopping district, near the De Ville Hotel. There are endless spectacular churches here it seems.


How my family feals when I’m PMS-ing.


These gods are infront of this stunning fountain, also in the shopping area.


Verre O Vin in Bordeaux

This is like a soda fountain for adults. Only with wine. Oh My Gawd. Unbelievably cool. Um, Wayne, can you buy me one? (Wayne is my wine guy.)


Verre O Vin in Bordeaux

We found it at Verre O Vin, right around the corner from our flat. This is an a-ma-zing wine bar.


Cap-Ferret in Bordeaux,

My last goal for Bordeaux: ocean! Here’s the path to Cap-Ferret, on the Atlantic Coast.


Cap-Ferret in Bordeaux

C’est bon, oui?

We have moved on to Aubiac, a small town in the South of France. We are staying in a house near some friends. It’s quiet and lovely hear. No internet though.

More on that next post.


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