South of France Part 1


Chateau of Henri the IV in Nerac.

This is the Chateau of Henri the IV in Nerac. If you’ve read any French history this was often mentioned as a vacation spot. Wild to think we took a train and then drove the rest of the way between Paris and Nerac – 4.5 hours of travel time, and they traversed this same distance on horseback. Had to take forever.


Silly pic of silhouettes at Nerac. Supposed to be images from the 1200’s to the 1800’s but you can see the tomfoolery at work .



Sunflowers everywhere. Major crops in France are sunflowers and corn among others. Makes for some beautiful imagery. Don’t look too close we took this one while driving.


Old key.

You know you’re in the country when this is the key to your home away. We stayed in a home built around 1840 located in Aubiac  (South of France.)



Can anyone tell me what this is? Google it. Mm hm. You can get it in France.

I’ll do this blog in two parts to make it load faster for y’all. Part two coming in 24 hours.


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