I made a list of books I wanted to read on this trip. It was only 5 books long. But when we went to pack I began to see that they wouldn’t all fit in my suitcase. 3 ended up on our trip. Now we are 2 weeks in and I’ve started Dark Lover, finished Divergent and I’m so excited to start another I can’t recall the name of tomorrow.

Only that means I’ll be done reading before we even make it to our long flight home. Note to self: only bring books on our trip next time.  Who needs clothes anyways?  You only have to  wash them. This after handwashing 5 mini loads with the husband’s help, of course.

The husband pointed out a flaw in my book love – erm, I mean packing philosophy. Someone invented digital readers – and that *might* make more sense than going naked. Coming from him that’s saying a lot. Maybe he’s right. Or maybe the heat would be more tolerable sans clothes. I might scare everyone, though. Small price to pay right?

Anyhow, we’re sleeping near the Vatican for a few nights. I’ll try and blog the rest of the S France pics during another break.


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