The Last Pics of South of France

It was so hard to narrow these picks down.


A modern church: 77 years old. Not sure what part of Agen we were in. It was stunning to see  a newer structure made mostly of brick.


This is a shot from a restored ancient village also in a part of Agen. The buildings where built 6 feet apart to help with preventing fire spread.



A monkerey. Yeah I know that’s not a word :-). This is a very old building where the monks of Moirax lived. We might have still been in Aubiac here but ii could have been just outside.



This looks like candied bacon right?  No? I think we miss bacon. It’s really candied papaya.



We found the papaya at Carcassonne. A million magnificent photos exist for this place,  Google it and you’ll see. For me my camera was flirting with ghosts. It barely worked while we were there. I kept getting photos of orbs or simply black or white shots or scenes I hadn’t even framed. Ross Allison shared that indeed the castle et al is haunted. Glad it wasn’t just me.


Giant Nutella.

Last photo from this area: the largest container of Nutella I’ve ever seen. This should make at least a few of you smile.

Next up: the rouge city; Toulouse.


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