Our last day in France was a busy one. We got up bright and early and got on our first toll way. We drove to Carcassonne, then spent our evening in Toulouse.


Obligatory foreign soda photo.

Another can of foreign soda. Funny name :-).

Our friends had called up an old school buddy and had them meet us there. We learned a little bit of history and enjoyed the city immensely. So much so that next time we go to visit our friends in the South of France we will do a slightly longer stay in Toulouse to soak up a little more of their culture.


Beautiful brick building in Toulouse.

The city is nicknamed the pink city for all the brick buildings.


Toulouse cafe

One of my many favorite parts of France is the many cafes. This was the last one we visited. What makes cafes  even better in France 1) they have coffee AND cheap beer and 2) all of the beautiful architecture to look at while you sip your cheap beer.

We only stayed the night there to make the car return and arriving at the airport easier, which it did. It was sad to leave France but very exciting to head to Italy.

That’s next.


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