I so wanted to title that When in Rome. Aren’t you proud of my restraint?

I left off with the travel blog portion of these posts a little more than a month ago, leaving you dangling. Sorry about that. We had just been to Toulouse, France, at that point, and we were making our way to Rome, by way of Easy Jet. Side note here – the flight was wonderful. I was shocked a puddle jumper could be so nice, even if they did charge you to go to the bathroom. No, just kidding. They charged for water though.

The taxi from the airport to our odd apartment complex turned hotel near the Vatican, was, shall we say, interesting. The driver wasn’t even looking at the road as he drove, yet he managed to make it there in twenty minutes instead of the thirty-eight that map-quest said it would take. People were crossing themselves, my eyes were closed, and everyone was silent. I assume trembling in fear or simply afraid to divert the attention of the driver who clearly viewed himself as a race car driver. But we made it without even a single vomit incident or traffic ticket.

The guy who checked us in had a low whispery voice ala The Godfather. He was terrifying. And handsome. He he. Would I stay in this area of town again? No. But I’m glad we tried it at least.

It was night time, or right on the crux of it, so we took the opportunity to grab a few pics of the Vatican. There were tour busses of young teenagers being dropped off at 11 PM, loudly singing and dancing in front of this place that felt so sacred. It was a little weird, the way people were acting in a place I felt deserved reverence. I swear, they were up partying until 2 am. What? Why? Anyhow, most of the pics were something you’d see anywhere, but this one took my breath away. I know, easily pleased. The wall-like structure around the Vatican.


But just because I can, here’s another Vatican pic.wpid-20140806_212954.jpg

First up the next day was the Roman Colosseum. I got that bigger than me Oh-My-God-I’m-the-luckiest-person-on-earth feeling when we were there. The grandeur of it all – you could still feel the people walking around peddling their wares, from so long ago. Chills I tell you.R

We like to walk the streets of new cities, seeing what the local street venders and such have to offer, hopping on trains and such. The train and bus system in Rome rocks, just like much of France. Bonus! So we did that a fair bit the next day. The oldest, Bunny Wabbit, got heat stroke and had to stay behind that day. Here’s a bit too much info for y’all: we home schooled for nine years. During that time we went through a gazillion young adult historical fiction novels. We’d read so much about the Roman Bathhouses and Rome in itself that this part of the trip felt like we were stepping inside the pages of one of those books. BW was heart broken to be feeling like doodoo and missing even a fraction of this trip.

Here too I had that larger-than-me feeling when we toured the building. That they converted a historical landmark into a church amazed us – just why? But Michael Angelo supposedly helped them with the remodel so I guess that makes it a little bit better. My favorite pics were panoramas but I’m uncertain how that would load for some of you so I’ll just show you my favorite normal pic.20140808_153101

There were some weird statues that I thought were worth sharing.20140808_15415020140808_154015

A lesson I learned was that blogging from an android requires more patience than I have. Also, the iPad’s blogging app is buggy. It posted a blog I had deleted, and deleted the blog I had actually wanted to post, which made me grumble more than just a little bit.

Anyhow, here we are, back at home, with back to school night looming in the headlights. I cannot believe it’s that time of year again. How did that happen exactly? I think we have all recovered from our 30-day adventure, but I’m feeling a bit sad about not being in Europe right now.

Next up, a resort town in Tuscany; Montalbano. I’ll try and get that one up before too long.


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