A Year After Paris

Warning: Content may be a tad mushy this time ;-).

Its been almost a year since I got back from my 30 day trip to Europe. Here I am, in the tired old PNW and each day brings a new memory of the adventures we went on, this same time, last year.

Today, one year ago we were in Paris. Our last day there, we had the privilege to see the very end of the Tour de France 2014. It was a stunning sight.

Side note: Its been so long since I’ve written about the trip that I don’t remember if we talked about the Unicorn. Long story short, that mask traveled with us through all of France and Italy. We tweeted #EuropeanUnicorn for the entire trip. People would rush up to us and ask for photos. It was awesome. By the time we got back I saw pictures of people doing the same thing everywhere we went. Maybe, just maybe, we started a trend.

Back to the preprogrammed re-cap of my Why I’m Addicted to Traveling story:

I started out life with the need for adventure. I’d leave my house, five or six years old, and just go. I’d walk and walk. Get lost in a forest. Go hang out with the lonely old lady a few blocks away. Hang out with my friend whose parents were nudists. The pictures on the walls there were enough to make me not want to leave. Nudity was not “normal” in my house.

My mom would freak out, mildly. Usually, a sip of wine and she’d be happy again. My dad would spank me. Only, I never really cared. Sh… I never told them my friend’s parents were nudists. Why spoil a good thing?

I grew up and the urge to travel got squished out of me, right along with my two children. By the time I was 31, and ever so conservative, I’d traveled to only a handful of US states, plus Mexico, Canada, and the South Caribbean. My yearning to travel was dead. I totally missed the point.

When I looked up at the Eiffel Tower one year ago, my legs pulsing from the trek down the stairs, it all came back to me: My desire to be wild and free. The why of it was less angsty this time, more awe filled. So that’s what I was missing?! The strange feeling that I was part of something so much bigger than myself – something so amazing and soul fulfilling.

Eiffel Tower Day

And I want more.

My heart and soul grew last year on that trip. New York is up next, where I hope to find an agent and / or editor for my writing. After that?

Who knows.

Life is amazing.

** Side Note: If you were keeping up on my journey and wondered when I was going to finish telling you all about it, and share more pics… I’ll fix up a summary post in the near future. Thanks for your patience!


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