Books & Fro-Yo

The other day on a whim The Husband, Bunny Wabbit and I went to Barnes and Noble. I was overwhelmed, as I always am, with all of that paper deliciousness around me. The urge to shove the piles of books on the floor and roll on them was great.

There were a few dilemmas that night. One was which genre do I delve into? My Goodreads list is quite long and mostly horror and thriller, with a science fiction thrown in for grins. No significance there,  just what folks are recommending to me. That said I wasn’t in the mood for any of the books on my list that night. Looking back I think I wanted what they deem Upmarket Fiction, or Book Club Fiction. Books about the human condition and/or soul searching (sometimes crushing) stories that either inspire or drag you down to the deepest darkest places in your mind. Light stuff, you know?


When I couldn’t find what I was craving from my list of To Read, I decided on GIRL ON A TRAIN. There lay problem two: Do I buy a hardcover knowing it’s bound to come out in paperback sometime in the future, or do I scour every single shelf to find a paperback worth reading? I started with the latter. Of course, this is one of my favorite things to do, so no pain there.

My problem with hardcovers in this scenario is that for the price they were charging I felt like I was married to the book. I have to read it no matter how good it is. With paperback and digital it’s always easier to set it down.

After a twenty minute search I chose the hardcover. As it turns out Barnes and Noble gave me an amazing discount and the price wasn’t that bad. So there’s that. I’ll let you know what I think of the book after I finish up AT THE WATER’S EDGE. Incidentally one of my friends gave me WATER’S EDGE as a recommendation, and another friend is listening to it on audiobook. It’s kinda fun, reading books with friends; a nod to our old book club. Miss that part of my life.

The fam and I finished up our bookstore adventure with frozen yogurt. Mine was watermelon sorbet with marshmallow cream, and lots of boba. Mmm. Can’t think of a better way to spend an evening :-).

Now I’m off to the hairdresser to turn my hair cotton candy pink. While reading ofcourse.  ‘Cause sometimes you have to get in touch with your inner Bubble Gum Goddess.




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