Books on the Porch

Good morning from the back porch! No that’s not slang. Get over yourself.


Over on Facebook we’ve voted in the next two books for our book club. First one up, is Jack Thorne’s (JK Rowling’s story) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, deadline September 30th, and then The Strain, by Guillermo del Toro for October, deadline the 31st. Read up and come join us!

We’ve got family over and it’s been pretty toasty so I’ve been spending my mornings writing on our back porch, a forest and trails stretching out in front of me.


Deadlines don’t care if I’ve got other things to do or not. The view is breathtaking, the sound of black squirrels chortling is entertaining, the dog next-door barking incessantly is not. He’s got issues. Distraction is good for me, right? Makes my writing skills stronger. I’m going with that angle.


When all of the animals go silent and you only hear cars driving by once in awhile and construction going on a few blocks away, it’s pretty close to heaven. Those times in between I relish.

Like now.

Anyway, hope you all’s summers are going swimmingly. I’m sure dreading the end of this peaceful time.

See you all soon!


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