September Book Club Time!

Yay! It’s Harry Potter Book Club of the First time! So if you haven’t finished reading yet: don’t read the threads. Well, maybe even this post, though I’m only sharing very generalized opinions up here.

An apology: I’m a bit in love with JKR and the Harry Potter franchise so bear with me here. You guys probably know I was skeptical about reading this book. In fact, I wasn’t going to do it. So glad that you guys made me do it.

I’ll start with my happy opinions:

  • Are you a Harry Potter fan? You have to read this book. Just say’n.
  • I loved dancing with my old favorite characters and now have new favorites. Slightly shocked about that.

And then a little not happy:

  • I didn’t like the way some characters were written, and I didn’t love reading a play.
  • I wanted more of a JKR feeling when I was reading. However, it did come through at times, for which I’m grateful. This is really when the story started coming alive for me, but it came a little late in the story for my taste.

Other than that… Bravo! So can’t wait for the Fantastic Beasts movie, and the three other books that are slated to be written. Also, I’m dying to go to Harry Potter World at Universal Orlando now.

Below I’ll post my questions. Please feel free to add yours as well! (Rubbing my hands together.)

Lastly: Sorry to put the blog up a day early. I’ll be out of the country this weekend. I love saying that ha ha. Sounds like a big deal. It’s not when you live three hours from Canada though lol.

This is gonna be good :-).



30 thoughts on “September Book Club Time!

    • My favorite was Draco through out the book. I think Part 1, Act 2, Scene 15, Pg 135 said it best. I’d write it all down but the gist of it is, the bumbling boy is now a wise man. I love love love how he talks Harry into sane parenting in the face of craziness. Very will imagined and written.

    • I really liked Scorpius. He wasn’t really a character in the first 7 books! As far as the tine travelling flashbacks go, Severus Snape hit me right in the feels. Good for them for working him in, and making the scene work.

  1. I once read that one should always write kids as if they were adults: Smart and educated. I disagree. I want my kid characters to have growth, start uneducated and become smarter by the end of the story. With that in mind, my question. Did you feel the kids were represented as kids or basically adults in kids clothing?

    • You can already tell I’m biased on this one. I did enjoy the dialog between Scorpius and Albus but it was a bit old for their age. My thoughts are that maybe plays are written differently that books, and had this been done in novel format we would have had more accurate dialog. Doesn’t matter. I still liked it :-).

    • The kids grow up fast! I’d love to see how they do the time passing montage thing after Albus and Scorpius first meet on the train. The thing that felt pretty accurate to me was Albus’ relationship with his father (Harry). That felt a little bit sickeningly real, even if the pat ending was not as much true-to-life.

    • I do feel like she had written a very loose outline and was assigned writers with play writing chops to help her finish it. I didn’t hear her voice much at all, though the structure felt like hers alone. It was the when Snape came into the story when Voldemort was in power, that I really felt her there. Not bad, but just not what I wanted.

    • I would really like to hear the story of how the play was written. I thought the scenes and tone were really true to JKR. It’s not Harry Potter unless the kids are unhappy. The tone was really close. Some of the plotting details are messy and I imagine might even change when the final script is published (this was the rehearsal script!).

    • Part 2, Act 3, Scenes 6 through 9. Ahhhhh LOVED that part. LOVED. That’s when Snape is alive again, and Hermione and Ron are basically freedom fighters. So. Good. Made me yearn for another HP book. Good thing, ’cause there are rumors that 3 more are slated to be written. Big smile.

    • What comes to mind is Voldemort showing up in Godric’s Hollow. Shit is getting real. The actual fighting at the end is a bit of a let down (but I bet it looks amazing on stage) but the anticipation when he enters from the back of the auditorium….

    • This story had some beautiful lines and thought provoking dialog. I wish Word press would let me share pictures in the body of reply’s, but it won’t. So, here’s the first one.

      Act 4, Scene 4, Part 2 Pg 261
      Draco: …I never realized, though, that by hiding him away from the gossiping, judgmental world, I ensured that my son would emerge shrouded in worse suspicion than I ever endured.

      Harry: Love blinds. We have both tried to give our sons, now what they needed, but what we needed. We’ve been so busy trying to rewrite our own pasts, we’ve blighted their present.

      For me this is important. I homeschooled for years, partially for this very reason. Both of the reasons they mentioned actually. I didn’t know it at the time, but seeing this it rings true. Sadly it did nothing to shield my kids from anything, at all. Poignant.

    • I don’t know where this one came from. I looked for a half hour and came up with nothing. I took a picture I loved the words so much though. So here it is, typed up from my imperfect hands.

      Delphi: Albus needs you, Scorpius. That’s a wonderful thing.

      Scorpius: He needs me to do what?

      Delphi: That’s the thing, isn’t it? About friendships. You don’t know what he needs. You only know he needs it. Find him, Scorpius. You two – you belong together.

      Now that I’ve finished the story I know she was the villain and that she had ulterior motives to keep them together, but it still resonates with me.

  2. Here’s a question for a friend: The 5 minute time turner scene, when Delphi tricks the boys into going back to GH, 1981, before the young Potter’s are killed and Harry is spared. Delphi smashes the time turner. I thought that maybe the rules of the time turner are/were that if its broken, you stay where you landed. What do you guys think?

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