Jennifer’s WRK in Progress

I write fiction.

Querying: BLISS, a Dark Contemporary piece, complete at 84K words. Love this story. It’s a grownup version of The Giver by Lois Lowry plunked down in the world Stephen King created for his novel Thinner

Currently Working on: I’m reworking an old piece, GOING IN. It’s a paranormal piece. I’ll let you google the title to figure out what it’s about – the title says it all ;-). So far I’d say its Dead Like Me meets Leaving Las Vegas. Admit it you’re curious.

Next Up: SOUL TRUTH. It’s a completed 80K+ word piece, an erotic romance set in the Pacific Northwest about an age old tale that is seldom explored in this format: sexual addiction.

And Then: I am still trying to decide if I want to dive into the newest Work In Progress, my virgin venture into a fantasy, BLINK (at 53K currently,) or work on a peace I workshopped with the Save The Cat folks in LA. Thanks to their talent and perseverance I was able to create an outline tentatively titled REAPED, basically book 2 of GOING IN, with the STC teachings. Decisions decisions.

Conference Addict: I love the Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA) so much that I help them put on their conference in the summer. ’17 will be my second year of giving it my all. Are you a new writer? You NEED this. Are you a seasoned writer? Let us help you get past a challenge or two. This conference is for everyone who writes, for all genres. Good stuff guys. Don’t miss out!

Writing Coach: On and off I’ve been helping a friend write her adult themed manuscript. We’ve gone from concepting, to outlining, to getting it on paper through dictation/transcription.

Over the years I’ve taught many a child and teen both creative writing and the art of essay, including coaching a teen through their first NaNoWriMo. This is an ongoing project, as now the manuscript is getting fleshed out.

Up on Smashwords, iTunes and Barnes & Noble for free is Half Past One, a Vintage Horror piece with a Twilight Zone-esque feel. It shares the story of a group of people on Whidbey Island that endure a nuclear explosion, and how they cope with the resulting fall out.

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