Hello There

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again. Christmas is looming and everyone is far grumpier than usual, for some pretty big reasons. This is part of why I’ve been stumped on what to write here. Why bother adding to all of the angst out there? It’s time for action not words.

The whole thing makes me dwell on a recent get away with the girls to Canada. The Canadians were shaking their heads at the US’s dilemma, completely dumbfounded that we got ourselves into this situation at all. Here are some snapshots from that trip that might make you smile.

Despite it all, it’s not really fair to let folks take my words away. It would be a grand faux pas giving them that power. I need to write for a better tomorrow. So I’m back at it. I won’t bore you with the details (I keep my WRKITGRL updated if you’re curious) but it’s really deep stuff coming out right about now. I bet the next ever so many years will turn out some crazier stuff than any year before from all of the writers out there. I look forward to reading it :-).

Until I have some deep insightful thought that someone else isn’t blathering on about, I’ll leave you here.

Currently reading: The Girl With All The Gifts by MR Carey, Dialogue, by Robert McKee, When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, by Caitlyn Doughty.